How to run a successful recruitment business?

Author: Yan Neokleous

One of the most important traits for any business is honesty. In recruitment it is definitely a major key to success. We believe that it is important to never make promises to Clients unless you know you can deliver them. If there is a problem you cannot resolve immediately then say so. People will tend to be more forgiving if you are honest and upfront with them. It is all very well being honest with your Clients but you must deliver your reviews/criticisms with some class and professionalism. When it comes to anything in life there are very few things that are free but manners is one of them.

It is a simple thing to be friendly and polite in your dealings with Customers. Ensure they feel valued by your business and that their questions and queries are genuinely taken into consideration. Courtesy is a small thing but will go a long way to building up a solid and long-term relationship with customers.

The first two points are pretty obvious and sensible characteristics to have when dealing with specific industry sectors; however these must also be partnered with a high level of customer service. Don’t pass people around like unwanted presents and when they require a problem resolved, ensure that you deal with it first time where possible and ensure that it is done promptly and professionally.

To be able to deal with customer enquiries efficiently requires knowledge of your business. It is imperative that those who are acting as the face of the business or answering enquiries from your Customers and Clients know about every aspect of the company otherwise they will look unprofessional and amateur. Use your customer’s feedback to help you to refine and improve your service. If there is a common complaint amongst your Customers about a specific area of your business you should take this as indication that your structure is not clear enough for all of your Customers.

A key to customer service is to start at the beginning of the process to see if it is in fact an efficient procedure. Do some research into how your customers prefer to get in touch with you. Having a direct contact form may be useful for some people but not everyone. Carrying out this research will help improve customer service a great deal.

Clear plain English is also easier for everyone to understand. Some customers will feel they are being patronised or talked down to when industry terminology is being over used and will be much less likely to use your services in the future. To those who know, the industry terminology becomes common knowledge but to outsiders it may be unfamiliar. Be sure to make your customers feel comfortable and explain things in a clear and familiar way.

It may seem like the points made are pretty standard expectations when dealing with a professional business, but it is quite easy to take some of these for granted. All recruitment companies rely on good customer service at the beginning but it is essential that, as they start to expand, the right people are employed to maintain high levels of service at all times.

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