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From Jobless To Employed

Author: Elena Tsirpis

Category: Getting A Job | Comments [0]

The rate of unemployment rises during times of uncertainty and economic downturn. So what makes a given candidate more employable than the next? There are a huge number of people desperately looking for employment so standing out from the crowd does prove to be difficult...


How to run a successful recruitment business?

Author: Yan Neokleous

Category: Recruitment Industry | Comments [0]

One of the most important traits for any business is honesty. In recruitment it is definitely a major key to success. We believe that it is important to never make promises to Clients unless you know you can deliver them...


Want to be a stockbroker?

Author: Rikki Constantinou

Category: CRISP Qualifications | Comments [0]

To become a stockbroker or any form of sales person in the financial industry there are a set of exams you need to pass in order to legally offer investment advice...


How to Avoid An Interview Slip-Up?

Author: Yan Neokleous

Category: Interview Phase & Preparation | Comments [1]

No matter how much preparation you do or how many times you practice that first handshake, there is always an element of fear and stress in the build up to an interview...


Can Social Media Help Find A Job?

Author: Tommy Fellows

Category: Social Media | Comments [1]

Looking for a job can be stressful, demoralising and overwhelming. Amongst other things it’s an emotional rollercoaster to say the least. Social Media is a key component...