At Evolution we teach the skills, tools and strategies needed to gain that competitive edge in finding your desired sales role. In as little as 4-8 weeks, we can have you transformed from a regular candidate into a fully competent and desirable sales individual equipped with the necessary skills and experience to enter the sales or broking industry.

Evolution is a real, live and fully dynamic training programme that endeavours to ensure candidates' sales and communication skills are developed and strengthened. Likewise, it provides employers with the confidence that fully professional and competent employees are consistently delivered to them

If you want to enter the world of sales but have been caught up in the often inevitable trap of rejection through lack of experience, then you’re not alone. This phenomenon sees many capable candidates fall at the first hurdle and this vicious cycle is often hard to break free from.

Employers tend to search for candidates that have a degree of experience or some sort of competitive edge, something which is often gained from on the job training.

It can be hard to project this passion and level of assurance without some ‘proof’. Even if you succeed in securing an interview, there is such a small window of opportunity to convince an experienced professional that you’re capable of doing the job without the need for time consuming explanations and excessive training.

“Stuck in a Vicious Circle ~ No Experience = No Job!”

In short, Chamäleon and its sales training programme aims to transform you from an inexperienced and average candidate to one that has vision, projects confidence and in turn becomes a serious contender that is demanded within such difficult and cut throat sales industry.


Our Approach Is Simple...