Want to be a stockbroker?

Author: Rikki Constantinou

To become a stockbroker or any form of sales person in the financial industry there are a set of exams you need to pass in order to legally offer investment advice. CRISP is a complete training programme that helps you not only become a qualified stockbroker but equips you with all the necessary skills and techniques you will need to fulfil the role thereafter.

Our team of ex-city sales professionals offer a wealth of experience to candidates looking to get into financial sales roles. We know what it takes to become a fully accomplished salesperson, so we aim to guide our candidates to not only pass their exams but to be appealing to recruiters looking for staff. Part of the CRISP programme is to teach you techniques and prepare you for interviews because once you have passed your exams we guarantee to get you an interview with a recognised stockbroking house. If you are interested in getting into sales or stockbroking then CRISP (Chamäleon Regulatory Investment Securities Programme) will teach you everything you need to know.

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