Career Advice

Sometimes a candidate lacks direction and often ends up in a situation where they don’t know what to do and what the next best step should be. By signing up to this short but succinct session, you will be able to gain a clearer understanding of what you want to achieve and eventually find 'light at the end of that long dark tunnel'.

This service covers the following:

  • CV Review
    Often this is the first contact between an employer and an employee, keep it detailed but straight to the point. We will advise and adjust where we feel necessary, depending on what sector of profession you wish to follow

  • Career Advice
    The service is mainly aimed at school/college leavers who are lost and need guidance and direction. By starting from the beginning, breaking down your goals and discussing what you want to achieve, we are confined you will be able to leave the meeting feeling confident and focussed on your next objective. Finding your ideal role within your selected sector is just the first step, but the most important

From as little as £150 you will be able to kick start your chosen career path with sound expert advice behind you.