Career Opportunities


Fundamentally, a salesman needs to be shrewd and savvy; someone who can not only identify good sales opportunities but knows how to generate them in a succinct and effective manner. Conducting sales negotiations is a key skill, one which involves the ability to progress a sale, appraise and value the market and its associated products.

Today’s environment is both fast-paced and cut-throat. You need to have the skills and ability to think on your feet whilst being strategic and appreciating the need for a successful closing.

This is what we thrive on at Evolution. We aim to execute our operations with skill and precision and fundamentally excel on every level.


You need to be both financially conscious and money-motivated to consider a role in financial sales. A broad range of skills are needed which include business and market knowledge, sales expertise and a level of financial understanding.

As a financial sales agent, it is your role to help clients purchase financial services and products; these could include shares, mutual funds and bonds to name but a few. The skills and knowledge needed to be successful in this area are many and associated tasks include the assessment and understanding of a clients’ financial situation, advice on a financial strategy, the recommendation of products and negotiation of prices and the overall development of financial portfolios to fit your client’s goals.

This is a highly competitive industry with fierce competition and means that the necessary skills and generation of client lists can take time to establish; however it is our aim at Evolution to immerse you in all of the above in a comprehensive yet intensive manner. Success in this field can mean generous rewards.

Our CRISP Qualifications programme offers advice and guidance on the necessary industry requirements and professional qualifications mandatory to follow a career in financial sales.


A property sales person is fundamentally a negotiator who needs to have great marketing and sales skills. Your skills of persuasion have to be incredibly honed without being pushy or forceful and it is important to have a comprehension of property sales and letting laws.

Convincing a prospective client that you and your agency are the right people to handle their sale or letting, or purchase investment property on their behalf is not as straight forward as it may seem. You have to be an excellent communicator, one who is able to inspire trust and confidence in both clients and buyers.

You need to be client focused with strong verbal communication skills and have the confidence and credibility to build strong relationships with clients whilst providing them with the utmost level of professional support.


A successful entertainment, media and advertising sales professional is one who not only possesses excellent sales skills but also one who has the intelligence to appraise the media or advertising opportunity and maximise the revenue that can be generated.

You need to be the force that drives this revenue by generating sales or leads, help improve branding through the reach and relevance of the media vehicle chosen, increase targeting by understanding what creative works best for the target audience, and match the benefits of the product and chosen media to the intended customer.

It is imperative to stay ahead of the competition by offering a desirable product of real value whilst instinctively understanding your clients’ needs.


Working within the travel and tourism sector is similar to working within the hospitality industry. With fierce competition and high customer expectations not only must you have efficient organisation skills but your customer service and ability to make the customer warm to you and the business is vital.

You must be friendly with a high level of relevant knowledge. For example; if you're working for a hotel in Central London, you must understand the London Underground system and all routes to nearby tourist attractions. This will ensure the customer has full confidence in your advice and will represent your employers business well.

It is also required that you take care of your appearance and are presentable at all times. If you're working at the front desk, you will be the first available option for the customer to pass judgment, make sure the judgment is positive.

So if you're looking to enter this industry you must be a friendly individual who is presentable and able to represent the company both face to face and over the telephone.


Just like all sales related roles, an IT and Software salesman must look to stand out from the rest. Being able to identify 'buy signals' and acting accurately is imperative.

Whether it is face to face, inbound or outbound phone calls, product knowledge and general interest in the product/service you are providing is a must to ensure you're able to easily breakdown and explain the product/service to the perspective client providing confidence and belief in your company.

The IT industry is a very competitive one. There are hundreds of companies providing a similar if not identical service to what you are offering. Standing out from your competitors, acting sharply and offering extensive product knowledge are all traits expected when an employer is looking for that ideal candidate.