Candidate FAQ's:

Q. How do I apply for a position that has been advertised?
A. You need to visit our Job Search section and specify your requirements on the search form. Once you have identified a suitable vacancy click on the apply button to complete our online application. Please ensure you upload your C.V together with the completed question fields.

Q. How can I register with Chamäleon Recruitment?
A. Visit our Register/Login section and complete your personal details on the online form. Using your email address and password details you can login to your account to view and monitor your selected job vacancies in your Job Bag. Similarly you can also update you C.V.

Q. What is a Job Bag?
A. Once you register with Chamäleon you are assigned an online Job Bag. This Job Bag allows you to store relevant job vacancies which can be monitored and in turn applications can be made for selected job vacancies at your discretion.

Q. What will I be asked at interview?
A. Our job is to groom you for interview stage. Unless we are confident of you progressing to 2nd stage interviews, we will not proceed to send you to 1st stage interviews. We can give you an idea of what to expect at any interview stage, but the success of your interview will be down to you and how well you perform on the day.

Q. Can I apply if I have been convicted with a criminal offence?
A. All applications will be considered on their own merit with regard to their particular circumstances. Please note positions within Financial Institutions which are regulated by the FSA (Financial Services Authority), are more stringent to situations in which criminal offences exist. If any Candidate is unsure please contact Chamäleon, in confidence, to discuss such matters.

Q. What happens after I send my C.V?
A. Upon receiving your C.V, we enter your information into our database. We will contact you as soon as an opportunity appropriate to your background and needs arises. We guarantee total confidentiality, and will never present your C.V to a Client without your approval. If you apply online, please check your inbox for a confirmation email. There is no need to submit your C.V more than once. Should you wish to update your file with Chamäleon, please contact your designated recruitment consultant directly.

Q. Do you place Candidates abroad?
A. Yes. This is relatively small part of the business but we do have numerous contacts overseas, mainly European countries, in particular Cyprus.

Client FAQ's:

Q. How long has Chamäleon been operating?
A. Chamäleon is a Company that is approaching its seventh year of existence. Chamäleon has grown from 1 to 5 people and is continuing to grow rapidly. Whilst our aim is to maintain growth, our main objective is to maintain the niche element of our business - ‘the personal touch'.

Q. What is the background of your Consultants?
A. All our consultants are either current or ex-City & Sales professionals and have considerable experience working within varying industry and market sectors.

Q. What success rate does Chamäleon have?
A. Firstly, we vet all Candidates properly. Our aim is to place them into a position that is best suited to them. Our interview process, both face-to-face and telephone based, ensures that all Candidates have the necessary skills before being put forward for any interview. Chamäleon’s success rate is partly reflective on the Candidate/Client relationship during interview stages.