Headhunting Services

Chamäleon Recruitment is not a job board agency, nor is it a CV search company. We offer a bespoke, One-to-One service for our clients and candidates alike. Our recruitment services allow us to work with our clients and ensure that the ideal candidates are screened and delivered as promised. It is for this reason, we find it easy to target specific individuals and offer our clients an effortless headhunting experience which is second nature to us.

With over 8 years recruitment and 20 years Senior Consultant sales and finance experience, Chamäleon Headhunters pride themselves on their ability to effectively ‘research’, ‘target’ and ‘hunt-down’ the most talented candidates from across selected industry sectors.

In today's competitive market place, reputation is of paramount importance to survival and success. It is for this reason why Chamäleon’s Headhunting Service is at all times discreet and confidential.

Your company, your name, your reputation ....is NEVER compromised!

All research, initial contact and candidate canvassing are confidential to ensure your company’s brand is never tarnished in any way. Together with our experience and knowhow, we are truly confident that we can attract and extract your chosen candidates efficiently and effectively.

"we research, target and hunt-down!"