Guaranteed Interviews & Preparation

If you're struggling to gain that one chance that you feel you need to get your career up and running, then you may wish to let Evolution help you. With close to 10 years recruitment experience, our team of experienced ex-City professionals will make the calls and put you in front of the right people. However, now you’ve got your chance that doesn’t mean to say you have the job.

Our Consultants will sit with you beforehand and go over interview techniques (whilst mentally preparing you with confidence) giving you that all important upper hand for when the important interview commences.

This service covers the following:

  • Interview Preparation
    As mentioned earlier, arranging an interview is one job well done, but not a job complete. Receiving your job offer is the main objective and your overall goal. With this particular Evolution Add-On, you stand to give yourself the best possible chance of impressing the interviewer

    It's normal to feel nervous when you have an interview because you want to succeed, do your best and not let yourself down. With preparation and practice you can get the better of your nerves and give yourself the best chance of getting that job. Chamäleon’s Evolution Training helps you do just that.


There are simple DOs and DON’Ts at interview stage. Many Candidates often forget these but our Chamäleon Consultants don’t!

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  • Guaranteed Interview
    Following the successful completion of our Evolution Guaranteed Interview approval process, a candidate is able to guarantee themselves an interview with one of our selected clients. We will get you that ‘one chance’ where you are able to put yourself in front of a prospective employer and get yourself your desired job.

    We offer this service for only the following industry sectors:
    > Property & Real Estate
    > Broking & Finance
    > Entertainment, Media and Advertising
    > Hotel & Leisure
    > IT Support & Software Sales

From as little as £150 you will be able to kick start your chosen career path with sound expert advice behind you.