Stockbroking Advice

Want to get into The City and don’t know how? Want to be a Broker and unsure what it takes to become one? We offer a Private Consultation Service for all Candidates. A one hour, one-to-one consultation with an ex-City professional and Chamäleon Senior Broking Recruitment Specialist.

Get friendly with your recruiter to help open that door... you need that one chance!

We claim not to be your traditional ‘career advice’ school department, but rather a professional on-the-job career advice specialist. Our recruitment arm boasts a number of ex-City professionals who seek employment for numerous candidates for varied backgrounds. Our task is to place the right candidate with the right firm. However, more often than not we are faced with candidates that need specific guidance and advice.

For those that know they want to enter the finance industry but are not truly sure of the actual steps required, then our Stockbroking Career Advice Consultants will be able to help.

"...professional people, from professional backgrounds!"

From as little as £150 you will be able to tap into our knowledge and knowhow. We are able to help give direct stockbroking career advice which will help add to your knowledge and also assist you in mapping out your future broking career path.

The finance industry (within the realms of the Chartered Institute of Securities & Investment (CISI)) boasts many varied career paths and relevant professional qualifications. The question is which one does one take?.

Deciding which ‘route map’ to take to get into The City is a daunting task for any individual. Trying to the decipher the CISI’s dynamic ‘route map’ diagram (click here).

So as to prevent time wasting and incorrect route decision making, our Consultants will help provide you with the right advice at the right price, without wasting time and money.

To summarise, you will receive specific stockbroking advice from an ex-City Stockbroker. Which professional exams are currently required, what is the best route to take, what the different City based roles entail...are some of the important topics that can be discussed.

First, we will discuss your ‘wants’ and ambitions. There is one thing wanting something and there is another thing being able to do it. Take for example, an individual wanting to become a Fighter Pilot for the Royal Air Force, without 20/20 vision, they cannot! Applying the same logic to the Finance Industry, we offer this FREE and sensible advice to our readers.

Those who have a criminal record (and have been convicted for fraud for example), may stop reading now and save their £150. To become a ‘Regulated Individual’ under the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)), one must be a ‘fit and proper’ person

A criminal individual with tendencies to commit fraud and steel money is NOT ‘fit and proper’, and hence will NEVER get a licence to give financial investment advice under the FCA. Therefore, we will advise this from the outset and advise our candidates to look for alternate career opportunities

"We are not harsh, just true to our word. We give the right advice at the right price."