Thinking & Approach

Our thinking is simple and unique.

  • Perfect Balance (Pincer-like claws, and long coiled tail providing stability)
    There is no use in having a huge number of candidates with no positions to place them. Likewise it is useless having large numbers of job vacancies but no candidates to fill these vacancies. At Chamäleon, we pride ourselves on our stringent selection process - finding the right candidate for the right job!

  • Unique Focusing & Orientation (Eyes can roam and swivel, focusing on one object or two different objects simultaneously)
    Our selected portfolio of clients, allow us to focus on specific sales jobs across specific market sectors. Our specialty lies in the placing of both experienced and inexperienced individuals within Finance, Property, Entertainment and General Telesales sectors

  • Predatory Instinct (Tongue is as long as its body with sticky mucus tip offering spilt second closure)
    Our pro-active nature ensures our candidates are trained in sales before any interviews with prospective Clients are held. The fact that all staff at Chamäleon are ex-salesmen and trained in all aspects of sales - both phone and face-to-face - helps strengthen our competitive edge

  • Defensive Traits (Ability to change colour to match and adapt to their given environment)
    Honesty is paramount. We pride ourselves on detail, focusing our attention to the needs of all of our clients and candidates. It is not just the boisterous, overconfident individuals who make good salesmen. Chamäleon believes strongly in fair play, something that we feel is our unique attribute within a competitive and cut-throat industry

Our approach is also clinical and is based on offering a highly personal and professional service to Candidates and Clients alike. All Candidates are interviewed both on a telephone and face-to-face basis before being considered for our Clients. The telephone helps to give Chamäleon an understanding of all Candidate telesales skill sets, and the face-to-face interviews determine their suitability and presentational characteristics.