What is CRISP?

CRISP helps and assists Candidates to enter the stockbroking industry (whatever stage they are at) with or without experience and qualifications.

Its qualification training programme was developed to bring together both Candidate's and Employer's needs and requirements. CRISP offers the following:

  • Specialist Career Advice (Stockbroking)
    Want to get into The City and don’t know how? Want to be a Broker and unsure what it takes to become one? We offer a Private Consultation Service for all Candidates. A one hour, one-to-one consultation with an ex-City professional and Chamäleon Senior Broking Recruitment Specialist. Get friendly with your recruiter to help open that door... you need that one chance!
  • CF30 Study Material & Courses
    Having established business relationships with financial training centres we are able to offer discounted rates on both study materials and learning courses.
  • Bespoke Learning & Tutoring
    We offer our bespoke private tutoring to all individuals. Whether it is basic, intermediate or advanced knowledge we are happy to help. The level of advice given, without the need for University education and costs, is what separates us from the rest. Honest one-to-one advice to help you for your first interview or to get a better and relevant understanding of the markets is most often what is required.
  • Interview Preparation & Guaranteed Interviews
    Whether you're straight out of school, looking for your first City interview or whether you've been out the game and want back in, Chamäleon offer the chance to be put in front of the right people for that most important first round interview. Make sure you stand out from other candidates by brushing up on your knowledge first with our interview preparation Add-On.
  • On-The-Job Evolution Training
    At Chamäleon we offer Candidates the chance to gain the fundamental learning requirements and experience through on-the-job training. This is the perfect way to gain the experience you need and get out of the ‘vicious cycle of rejection’.